In August of 2015, Cody Kerns, the founder of iComeUp, saw a disconnect in social media, predominantly Instagram, between the amount of followers a profile had and the amount of likes, comments, and engagement that following had with said profile.  The reason?  Fake followers.

You’ve seen the ads or you’ve been followed by one of these profiles that advertises free followers for small sums of money, and if you’ve tried it, you know it works….to an extent.  Fake followers do one thing and one thing only; they give a profile the APPEARANCE of being popular.  They offer random likes here and there, but other than that they are useless and on top of that, it’s easy to discern between a real profile and a fake one.

The solution? iComeUp Marketing.  Cody took this disconnect and ran with it.  The formula is quite simple; more real followers = more real engagement, more real engagement = more sales.  It’s a numbers game.  More followers means more people are viewing you, your brand, your product, or your service, and since we at iComeUp, target your new followers based off niche and target demographic, it’s inevitable that you start seeing profits from your social media account.




Network with Cody Kerns, Jeremy Bishop, and the iComeUp Team in LA

Attention Entrepreneurs, Hustlers, Business Men & Women; Cody Kerns, Founder, Jeremy Bishop, General Manager, and the iComeUp team will be in Los Angeles March 5th until the 10th to host their fourth iComeUp Networking Event. In the past, iComeUp has hosted events in both New York City and Miami with event locations ranging from hotel …

Instagram’s “Swipe-Up” Feature is Changing the Social Media Marketing Game

Throughout the years, it’s been tough to say whether or not posts on social media actually lead to sales.  Regardless, brands, companies, and services are forced to take to social media platforms such as Instagram to advertise and market whatever it is they’re trying to sell because of the sheer volume of people that are …

Become an Ambassador for Onnx Nutrition

Tired of paying huge amounts for quality gym supplements that only last about a month? Here’s a solution; become an ambassador for Onnx Nutrition! Onnx Nutrition is a relatively new brand that delivers high quality, no B.S. supplements for everyone from the competition body builder to the average gym goer who is just looking to …


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