Free Swim Suit Campaign Leads to Massive Growth in Following

Sunny Co. Clothing, ever heard of it?  If you haven’t yet, log onto Instagram and I’ll bet it won’t take you long to find out who they are.

Yesterday at around 11 A.M. MST, Sunny Co. Clothing dropped a metaphorical bomb on the Instagram community by posting the picture above.  Their promotion?  Pretty simple, repost the picture above and tag @sunnycoclothing between 11 A.M. MST yesterday and 3 P.M. MST today, and receive a free bathing suit.  The only catch is that you have to pay for shipping and handling, but that hasn’t stopped 10’s of thousands of girls from reposting the picture for the chance at a free new bathing suit they can flaunt this summer.

While many questions remain to be unanswered, such as; How much is shipping and handling? Will Sunny Co. Clothing be able to fulfill all of these orders? and just how long will it take until you receive your free swim suit?, one thing is for sure, Sunny CO. Clothing gained a HUGE following with this promotion.

Prior to the Instagram post pictured above, Sunny Co. Clothing had a following of roughly 100k, which has since skyrocketed to 393k and growing by the second.  No literally, this account is now growing by thousands of followers per second.  Don’t believe me? Go to their page and refresh it a few times, you’ll see.

So what exactly do we learn from Sunny Co. Clothing’s marketing tactics?  For starter’s people love “free” shit even if it’s technically not free (shipping & handling charges).  But the real results of this campaign will be seen down the road, a few days, weeks, maybe even months from now.  If you continue to track this brand, I’m willing to bet they’ll continue to grow solely based off the thousands of reposts you’ll see today.  A majority of those who participate will decide to follow Sunny Co. Clothing and i bet more than half will be repeat buyers because they’ll remember they got their first swim suit “free.” While checking out the “free” swim suit they signed up to receive, they’ll look at others and when summer comes they’ll come running back to buy more from this brand because now, they can’t get this brand off their Instagram feeds and out of their brains.

So why is this important, why am I talking about this?  Because it relates directly to iComeUp and the service we can provide you.  Sunny Co. Clothing basically took our strategy today and used it in a new innovative way.  By offering a free Swim Suit, they found their niche and targeted demographic and attacked it.  In the process they’ve seen their page grow by 300k followers (At the moment! That number isn’t stopping anytime soon!), and of those followers how many do you think are looking at their site? Buying or planning on buying other swim suits from them?  Maybe none of them will be repeat buyers, maybe the swim suit they send out will suck, or MAYBE they’ve used a sales funnel to develop a massive following in one day and created brand loyalty between themselves and THOUSANDS of girls across the United States.

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