Eat, Lift, Grow with Hansika Silva

IMG_3967Hansika Silva, a certified personal trainer, NPC Bikini Competitor, and future Fitness Nutrition Specialist, is one of iComeUp’s original clients and one of our first success stories.  Before linking up with Cody Kerns, Hansika had around 600 followers and wasn’t sure how to change that.  Fast forward to today, Hansika now has an Instagram following of over 36 thousand and more importantly, she’s used that following to develop an online training program.

Looking to lose weight, tone-up, build muscle or even gain weight?  With Hansika’s help,  anything is possible.   Based on your height, weight, and specific goals, Hansika calculates and customizes a meal and training plan tailored to your body.

Once you’ve received your custom meal and workout plan, it’s time to get to work.  Even though you could be hundreds of miles apart, Hansika is available for you 24/7 through both email and her cell phone.  You’ll also be checking in with her weekly by emailing her pictures to show your progress.  THIS PART IS ESSENTIAL.  Hansika uses the pictures to see just how your body is reacting to the program.  If you aren’t seeing results right away, the meal or workout plans both will be adjusted accordingly until results are seen and if you check out the before and after pictures on her website, you’ll see that Hansika always gets results.

If the one-on-one online coaching seems a bit too in-depth for you or just isn’t what you’re looking for, Hansika has some training packages available for sale as well.   For between $50 and $28 you could get a Booty/Leg program, a full body At-home workout, an upper body program, and a program that specifically targets your core.

Still not completely sold on Hansika and her training programs?  Check out her Youtube Channel to see just how dedicated she is to the fitness lifestyle.  Hansika documents her “Prep Diaries”, which shows her strict diet and training regiments leading up to her NPC Bikini Competitions or other body building shows.  She also uses her Channel to show some of her workouts and answer questions regarding her training.

So what are you waiting for??  Contact Hansika at to get a personalized fitness program that is guaranteed to deliver the results you’ve always been dreaming of!

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