Elena Cardone: A True Renaissance-Woman

It took 13 months of persuading, convincing and closing for Grant Cardone to finally get Elena Lyons to agree to go on a date with him.  One year later, in September of 2004, Grant and Elena were married.  Grant calls this the greatest sale of his life.  Now, 13 years into their marriage they have two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett, they’re at the head of a massive empire, and they are the EPITOME of a power couple.  But even before meeting Grant, Elena was a force all on her own.

Elena was born in Madrid, Spain but spent most of her youth in New Orleans, Louisiana where she lived from her early years through high school.  After graduating, Elena moved to Los Angeles, California where she worked as an Elite Model and pursued her dream of becoming an actress.  As a model, she appeared in high fashion print editorials and national commercials and shortly after, she began seeking out acting gigs, which landed her in guest star roles on TV shows.  Eventually, the guest star roles led to her to being noticed by TV mogul, Peter Engel, which subsequently landed her a role as “Lauren” on USA High, a poplar American Teen sitcom that ran in the 90’s.  She appeared in 95 shows before it was eventually canceled, but USA High had already put Elena on the map and landed her roles in TV shows down the road.

From 1999-2012 Elena has appeared in hit TV Shows such as; NCIS, CSI, Two and a Half Men, Grounded for Life, Days of Our Lives, The Young and Restless and many more.  Elena also appeared in movies such as “Club Dread” and most recently, “Bending the Rules.”

And who is Grant Cardone, you may be asking?  If you don’t know who he is, you either A.) live under a rock, or B.) have no desire to be successful.  There are countless things that Grant has done in his life and only a handful of things he hasn’t done or is not capable of.   He’s an author, a motivational speaker, a sales trainer, and an entrepreneur. He has an online sales training university, an online television network that features Vlogs and podcasts by himself, his wife, and other successful men and women, and he’s had multiple television shows based on his life and success.

If you follow Elena or Grant on Instagram, you’d know how much they value their marriage and you’d know how much they believe their marriage contributes to their success.  They constantly talk about the importance of being on the same page.  But this doesn’t just refer to one specific area in their lives, it refers to everything.  They need to be on the same page mentally about their marriage, their family, their business and their overall goals in life.  Even before they were together Elena and Grant were on the same page because they both wanted to be successful.  If Elena hadn’t met Grant would she still be successful?  Hell yes.  And the same goes for Grant.  But together, they make each other that much more successful.  Elena has been with Grant every step of the way, whether it be as a source of motivation for Grant (Grant admits that when he focused on being successful for his wife and family, he had greater levels of motivation than when he focused on being successful for himself), as a support system for Grant to lean on, or as a partner for Grant to get advice from and learn from.

They also need to be on the same page physically.  This means taking care of their bodies, making sure they spend enough time with each other and working on their relationship with each other.  As Grant says, the passion needs to be the same during the marriage as it was during the initial pursuit.  If you have a happy marriage, but the business is failing, then whats the point?  And the same goes for the opposite side.  Both the marriage and the business need to be thriving, and that is essential to being successful.

Elena and Grant think that the marriage and business thriving together is so important that they’ve even created their own show together on Grant’s online-TV network, called “The G&E Show“.  Every Wednesday, 12 P.M. EST, the two sit down together as husband and wife for a live show that runs about 35 minutes long. Here they talk about how to successfully balance the business, the marriage, and the family and everything in-between, such as tips on communicating, how to treat your Husband/Wife, navigating power struggles and much more.

Elena’s other show on Grant’s online-TV Network is “Women in Power.”  There hasn’t been a new show since 2016, however these videos are still worth watching.  In this show, Elena sits down with and showcases CEO’s, authors, designers, entrepreneurs and other women in power to discuss how they got where they are, advice for those following in their footsteps, and how they strive for personal fulfillment.  In a business world that is heavily dominated by men, it’s refreshing to see Women in power connecting and talking about their stories so that girls and boys all over can use these journeys to fuel their dreams.

Outside of the G&E Show and Women in Power, you can go to Elena’s website, ElenaCardone.com, to check out some of her other work. While a lot of the stuff you find there is from a few years ago, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be useful today.  Elena is an incredible role model and advocate for women everywhere.  On her site you can find things like “Labor of Love,” which is a program Elena has developed to plan home births for women.  Her goal with “Labor of Love” is to make Childbirth an empowering process for woman again.  Here, you can also find her “Diary of a Modern Women,” which is a vlog that Elena used to give tips, advice, and words of wisdom for women everywhere.  Last but certainly not least, “Elena’s No-Brainers,”  Elena self-describes this as  her “2 cents in one minute.”  Here, Elena will give you her quick take on fashion, a relationship quarrel, and many other topics.

On Instagram, Elena is a contsant source of motivation and positive vibes.  Her page is filled with inspirational quotes, videos with positive messages, and captions that could get you through the toughest of situations.  When it comes to entrepreneurs and millionaire mentors on Instagram, many of the pages you’ll find are run by or geared towards men.  Elena however, gives some insight into female-bosses mentality.  Not only is Elena literally at the head of the Cardone empire with Grant, but she also carries that same mentality with her in her day-to-day life.  She lives everyday like a boss and carries out even the most boring or every day tasks, such as going for a run, with a bosses mentality.

All of this and Elena still manages to find the time to take care of her daughters, help Grant run their empire, and continue her passions of shooting and fixing vintage cars?  Is there anything Elena can’t do?  The answer is no, not really.  Elena is an incredible role model for woman everywhere, young and old, and she’s a great example of a modern day Renaissance-woman.  There are plenty examples of husbands or wives with spouses in positions of power that would rather sit back and spend the rest of their days relaxing and being “trophy spouses,”  but not Elena,  she’s still 10X-ing very part of her life, every single day with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.







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