Become an Ambassador for Onnx Nutrition

Tired of paying huge amounts for quality gym supplements that only last about a month? Here’s a solution; become an ambassador for Onnx Nutrition!

Onnx Nutrition is a relatively new brand that delivers high quality, no B.S. supplements for everyone from the competition body builder to the average gym goer who is just looking to stay in shape.

For a limited time only, Onnx Nutrition is looking for Brand Ambassadors to help grow the brand’s social media presence and customer base through advertising on Instagram and personal networking.  They plan on creating a team of ambassadors from all walks of life to represent the rand and portray what they stand for; Producing top-quality products that work, while taking no shortcuts along the way.

They currently offer 6 high quality products:

  1. Savage pre-workout
  2. Amino + NRG – 10Gs of BCAA’s + caffeine to keep you energized while recovering.
  3. NOXY Pump – A no B.S. Nitric Oxide Amplifier, helps promote vascularity and blood flow.
  4. Testavol – A natural Testosterone booster with added anti-estrogen control.
  5. Thermex – The ultimate Thermogenic.  Once daily dosage supports fat loss, metabolism speed, and appetite control, while also giving you energy throughout the day.
  6. ULTRA Shredz – A blend of Fish oils, CLA, and other natural Essential Fatty acids.  Designed to help your body target and shred stubborn body fat and much more.

So why should you become an Ambassador of one of the newest and best supplement companies on the market?  For the perks of course, all ambassadors will receive the following benefits upon acceptance;

  • A FREE care package of products/samples for you to try & distribute to start your personal networking and marketing.
  • FREE Onnx swag when new releases become available.
  • A personalized discount code that offers your clients 20% off their next order with Onnx Nutrition, and you’ll receive 15% commission every time your code is used.
  • 50% off all Onnx Nutrition products for personal orders
  • You’ll get to add the Onnx Nutrition name to your profile to help grow your personal brand and following.

While these are the initial benefits, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more, such as monthly care packages and extra compensation depending on the size of your social media following and the number of monthly referrals you generate.

The only requirements are as follows:

  • Update your Instagram or Facebook bio to show your affiliation with Onnx Nutrition (Onnx Nutrition Sponsored Athlete) and add your discount code as well.
  • Consistently use Onnx Nutrition supplements in your daily workout regimen, and advertise this through Instagram stories and/or posts.
  • Refer a minimum of Two customer orders per month using your discount code.
  • Promote Onnx Nutrition a minimum of 3 times per week through your social media accounts.

Seems pretty easy right?  That’s because it is.  Free samples/products, 50% off personal orders, and the potential for 15% commission on sales generated through your discount codes, what more could you ask for?  This is an incredible opportunity to get involved with Onnx Nutrition at an early time, before they blow up and it’s too late.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador you can send an email with all your information to or you can visit their website and apply at

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