Instagram’s “Swipe-Up” Feature is Changing the Social Media Marketing Game

Throughout the years, it’s been tough to say whether or not posts on social media actually lead to sales.  Regardless, brands, companies, and services are forced to take to social media platforms such as Instagram to advertise and market whatever it is they’re trying to sell because of the sheer volume of people that are on social media today.  In the case of Instagram, whether or not they saw a return on their investment really depended on how good of a job they did in advertising the product and providing a direct link to that product.

The fact of the matter was that even if they weren’t seeing a return, they were forced to keep up their presence on Instagram because it was too big of a market to ignore.  Companies and businesses were confident that people were seeing their products and they believed that this led to them eventually buying the product they saw, but they had no actual proof that Instagram was the factor in driving the sale.

Businesses would scrawl out shorthand links on pictures in their stories, they’d type out full links in their long-form captions, and they’d even change the link in their bio from something like “” to ”″ in the hopes that they’d get lucky and the person that clicked that link would be the same person interested in buying that specific item.  While are these techniques were viable workarounds on the old Instagram, these methods have quickly become obsolete.

Introducing the newest feature to the Instagram stories; the Swipe-Up Feature.  While the Swipe-Up feature is new to Instagram, it has its roots deep within marketing 101.  The Swipe-Up feature is essentially a “call to action” button.  Now, verified Instagram users can use their stories as Ad campaigns that come fully equipped with a call to action button that can lead directly to a product, a new song, a movie trailer, etc.  Now, verified users can easily can direct the audience from their Instagram story to whatever it is their trying to plug, sell, or market without their audience ever actually leaving the Instagram app.

About a month after the feature was added, brands and publishers were already seeing a 15-25% swipe through rate on links in stories.  This meant that 15-25% of the people who saw “Swipe Up!” or “See more” were actually doing just that.  While 15-25% may seem low at first, this is the first time we’ve seen tangible data that tells us that Instagram posts can actually drive sales.

So how does this apply to iComeUp?  If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: Sales is a numbers game!  If you’re verified and can use the new call to action buttons on your stories, why stop there?  Connect with us so we can continue to develop your targeted following, which will lead to a higher swipe through rate on your story links. While it is true that you currently have to be verified to use this feature, that doesn’t mean we’ll never see the day that everyone can use this feature.  So, why not start building your following now in case that day does come?  Or, you could build your following so that you can become verified.  There is no way to request verification on Instagram at the moment, so users are granted verification when Instagram deems them big enough to warrant verification.  AKA, if you have a large enough following and engagement numbers, they’ll come find you.

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