IComeUp Giveaway Schedule

If you’re familiar with IComeUp Marketing you’ll know that one of the packages we offer is a Shout-Out package where we utilize giveaways involving highly influential Instagram users to help you gain followers.

You’ve seen the Instagram Giveaways before, they follow a format where you must follow everyone involved, like every picture involved on the giveaway and comment on each picture (usually with some friends names). While they may seem like a lot of work, they are actually very simple, effective, and efficient ways to gain quality followers, quickly.

There are two Giveaways occurring this week and two more next week so don’t forget to reserve your spots;

January 30th -> Package starting at $1,249.99 and will yield an 8-15k+ gain in followers. THREE SPOTS LEFT!!

February 2nd (US based) -> Packages starting at $999.99 and will yield a 5-7k follower gain. FIVE SPOTS LEFT!!

February 5th (**HUGE ONE**) -> Packages starting at $2,499.99 and will yield a 20k+ follower gain.

February 7th -> Packages starting at $1,999.99 and will yield a 15-20k + follower gain.    SIX SPOTS LEFT!!

Here are a few of the accounts that these giveaways will be associated with

1) @liamferrari – 2.7 million followers
2) @fruitypoppin – 911k followers
3) @swagrman – 580k followers
4) @edwardzo – 502k followers
5) @tamminsursok – 1.1 million followers
6) @simonettalein – 521k followers
7) @iamjessicahall
8) @tania-lucely
9) @carliestylez

To reserve your spot in one of IComeUp’s giveaways, please send an email to Support@icomeupmarketing.com or call us at (786) 879-1131.  These giveaways are ran on a first come first serve basis, so if you are thinking about joining one, don’t hesitate, just act.  For future giveaway schedules stay up to date with the IComeUp Blog.

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