Network with Cody Kerns, Jeremy Bishop, and the iComeUp Team in LA

Attention Entrepreneurs, Hustlers, Business Men & Women;

Cody Kerns, Founder, Jeremy Bishop, General Manager, and the iComeUp team will be in Los Angeles March 5th until the 10th to host their fourth iComeUp Networking Event. In the past, iComeUp has hosted events in both New York City and Miami with event locations ranging from hotel rooftops to a yacht and guest lists topping out at 100+. The goal of each event is to meet new like-minded individuals and hopefully forge life-long business relationships with them.

This year the event will be held in media-mecca that is Los Angeles, California. For now we know that the event will be held on March 8th so make sure you mark your calendar if you’ll be in the area and start looking for flights if you won’t be because you won’t want to miss this one. There are currently 30+ people on the guest list including; Cody Kerns, Jeremy Bishop, Dorian Ash, Jackson Carr, Mikaela Knapp, Brandon Pack, Celebrity Vocal Coach Nick Cooper, Blake Rascoe (Member of John Legend’s Management Team), Celebrity Plug George Hughes, and other leaders from the iComeUp Sales and Account Management teams. This list will continue to grow so again, if you’re in the area or can be in the area I strongly suggest you attend for a night of fun, intelligent conversation, and networking with peers. If you’re reading this and interested in attending send an email to with your name, and your business or product name (if applicable), or fill-out the contact form at the bottom of this page.

The iComeUp team will be staying at a spacious Air BnB in the Hollywood Hills throughout the week and will also be using it as an office because sales and account management never stop. Outside of the event, select individuals may be invited to the iComeUp House to work on new content, collaborations, partnerships, and will also be looking for new clients while in LA. Any business inquiries regarding the iComeUp house can also be sent to


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Instagram’s “Swipe-Up” Feature is Changing the Social Media Marketing Game

Throughout the years, it’s been tough to say whether or not posts on social media actually lead to sales.  Regardless, brands, companies, and services are forced to take to social media platforms such as Instagram to advertise and market whatever it is they’re trying to sell because of the sheer volume of people that are on social media today.  In the case of Instagram, whether or not they saw a return on their investment really depended on how good of a job they did in advertising the product and providing a direct link to that product.

The fact of the matter was that even if they weren’t seeing a return, they were forced to keep up their presence on Instagram because it was too big of a market to ignore.  Companies and businesses were confident that people were seeing their products and they believed that this led to them eventually buying the product they saw, but they had no actual proof that Instagram was the factor in driving the sale.

Businesses would scrawl out shorthand links on pictures in their stories, they’d type out full links in their long-form captions, and they’d even change the link in their bio from something like “” to ”″ in the hopes that they’d get lucky and the person that clicked that link would be the same person interested in buying that specific item.  While are these techniques were viable workarounds on the old Instagram, these methods have quickly become obsolete.

Introducing the newest feature to the Instagram stories; the Swipe-Up Feature.  While the Swipe-Up feature is new to Instagram, it has its roots deep within marketing 101.  The Swipe-Up feature is essentially a “call to action” button.  Now, verified Instagram users can use their stories as Ad campaigns that come fully equipped with a call to action button that can lead directly to a product, a new song, a movie trailer, etc.  Now, verified users can easily can direct the audience from their Instagram story to whatever it is their trying to plug, sell, or market without their audience ever actually leaving the Instagram app.

About a month after the feature was added, brands and publishers were already seeing a 15-25% swipe through rate on links in stories.  This meant that 15-25% of the people who saw “Swipe Up!” or “See more” were actually doing just that.  While 15-25% may seem low at first, this is the first time we’ve seen tangible data that tells us that Instagram posts can actually drive sales.

So how does this apply to iComeUp?  If we’ve said it once, we’ve said it a million times: Sales is a numbers game!  If you’re verified and can use the new call to action buttons on your stories, why stop there?  Connect with us so we can continue to develop your targeted following, which will lead to a higher swipe through rate on your story links. While it is true that you currently have to be verified to use this feature, that doesn’t mean we’ll never see the day that everyone can use this feature.  So, why not start building your following now in case that day does come?  Or, you could build your following so that you can become verified.  There is no way to request verification on Instagram at the moment, so users are granted verification when Instagram deems them big enough to warrant verification.  AKA, if you have a large enough following and engagement numbers, they’ll come find you.

Become an Ambassador for Onnx Nutrition

Tired of paying huge amounts for quality gym supplements that only last about a month? Here’s a solution; become an ambassador for Onnx Nutrition!

Onnx Nutrition is a relatively new brand that delivers high quality, no B.S. supplements for everyone from the competition body builder to the average gym goer who is just looking to stay in shape.

For a limited time only, Onnx Nutrition is looking for Brand Ambassadors to help grow the brand’s social media presence and customer base through advertising on Instagram and personal networking.  They plan on creating a team of ambassadors from all walks of life to represent the rand and portray what they stand for; Producing top-quality products that work, while taking no shortcuts along the way.

They currently offer 6 high quality products:

  1. Savage pre-workout
  2. Amino + NRG – 10Gs of BCAA’s + caffeine to keep you energized while recovering.
  3. NOXY Pump – A no B.S. Nitric Oxide Amplifier, helps promote vascularity and blood flow.
  4. Testavol – A natural Testosterone booster with added anti-estrogen control.
  5. Thermex – The ultimate Thermogenic.  Once daily dosage supports fat loss, metabolism speed, and appetite control, while also giving you energy throughout the day.
  6. ULTRA Shredz – A blend of Fish oils, CLA, and other natural Essential Fatty acids.  Designed to help your body target and shred stubborn body fat and much more.

So why should you become an Ambassador of one of the newest and best supplement companies on the market?  For the perks of course, all ambassadors will receive the following benefits upon acceptance;

  • A FREE care package of products/samples for you to try & distribute to start your personal networking and marketing.
  • FREE Onnx swag when new releases become available.
  • A personalized discount code that offers your clients 20% off their next order with Onnx Nutrition, and you’ll receive 15% commission every time your code is used.
  • 50% off all Onnx Nutrition products for personal orders
  • You’ll get to add the Onnx Nutrition name to your profile to help grow your personal brand and following.

While these are the initial benefits, you’ll have the opportunity to earn more, such as monthly care packages and extra compensation depending on the size of your social media following and the number of monthly referrals you generate.

The only requirements are as follows:

  • Update your Instagram or Facebook bio to show your affiliation with Onnx Nutrition (Onnx Nutrition Sponsored Athlete) and add your discount code as well.
  • Consistently use Onnx Nutrition supplements in your daily workout regimen, and advertise this through Instagram stories and/or posts.
  • Refer a minimum of Two customer orders per month using your discount code.
  • Promote Onnx Nutrition a minimum of 3 times per week through your social media accounts.

Seems pretty easy right?  That’s because it is.  Free samples/products, 50% off personal orders, and the potential for 15% commission on sales generated through your discount codes, what more could you ask for?  This is an incredible opportunity to get involved with Onnx Nutrition at an early time, before they blow up and it’s too late.  So what are you waiting for?  If you’re interested in becoming an ambassador you can send an email with all your information to or you can visit their website and apply at

Elena Cardone: A True Renaissance-Woman

It took 13 months of persuading, convincing and closing for Grant Cardone to finally get Elena Lyons to agree to go on a date with him.  One year later, in September of 2004, Grant and Elena were married.  Grant calls this the greatest sale of his life.  Now, 13 years into their marriage they have two daughters, Sabrina and Scarlett, they’re at the head of a massive empire, and they are the EPITOME of a power couple.  But even before meeting Grant, Elena was a force all on her own.

Elena was born in Madrid, Spain but spent most of her youth in New Orleans, Louisiana where she lived from her early years through high school.  After graduating, Elena moved to Los Angeles, California where she worked as an Elite Model and pursued her dream of becoming an actress.  As a model, she appeared in high fashion print editorials and national commercials and shortly after, she began seeking out acting gigs, which landed her in guest star roles on TV shows.  Eventually, the guest star roles led to her to being noticed by TV mogul, Peter Engel, which subsequently landed her a role as “Lauren” on USA High, a poplar American Teen sitcom that ran in the 90’s.  She appeared in 95 shows before it was eventually canceled, but USA High had already put Elena on the map and landed her roles in TV shows down the road.

From 1999-2012 Elena has appeared in hit TV Shows such as; NCIS, CSI, Two and a Half Men, Grounded for Life, Days of Our Lives, The Young and Restless and many more.  Elena also appeared in movies such as “Club Dread” and most recently, “Bending the Rules.”

And who is Grant Cardone, you may be asking?  If you don’t know who he is, you either A.) live under a rock, or B.) have no desire to be successful.  There are countless things that Grant has done in his life and only a handful of things he hasn’t done or is not capable of.   He’s an author, a motivational speaker, a sales trainer, and an entrepreneur. He has an online sales training university, an online television network that features Vlogs and podcasts by himself, his wife, and other successful men and women, and he’s had multiple television shows based on his life and success.

If you follow Elena or Grant on Instagram, you’d know how much they value their marriage and you’d know how much they believe their marriage contributes to their success.  They constantly talk about the importance of being on the same page.  But this doesn’t just refer to one specific area in their lives, it refers to everything.  They need to be on the same page mentally about their marriage, their family, their business and their overall goals in life.  Even before they were together Elena and Grant were on the same page because they both wanted to be successful.  If Elena hadn’t met Grant would she still be successful?  Hell yes.  And the same goes for Grant.  But together, they make each other that much more successful.  Elena has been with Grant every step of the way, whether it be as a source of motivation for Grant (Grant admits that when he focused on being successful for his wife and family, he had greater levels of motivation than when he focused on being successful for himself), as a support system for Grant to lean on, or as a partner for Grant to get advice from and learn from.

They also need to be on the same page physically.  This means taking care of their bodies, making sure they spend enough time with each other and working on their relationship with each other.  As Grant says, the passion needs to be the same during the marriage as it was during the initial pursuit.  If you have a happy marriage, but the business is failing, then whats the point?  And the same goes for the opposite side.  Both the marriage and the business need to be thriving, and that is essential to being successful.

Elena and Grant think that the marriage and business thriving together is so important that they’ve even created their own show together on Grant’s online-TV network, called “The G&E Show“.  Every Wednesday, 12 P.M. EST, the two sit down together as husband and wife for a live show that runs about 35 minutes long. Here they talk about how to successfully balance the business, the marriage, and the family and everything in-between, such as tips on communicating, how to treat your Husband/Wife, navigating power struggles and much more.

Elena’s other show on Grant’s online-TV Network is “Women in Power.”  There hasn’t been a new show since 2016, however these videos are still worth watching.  In this show, Elena sits down with and showcases CEO’s, authors, designers, entrepreneurs and other women in power to discuss how they got where they are, advice for those following in their footsteps, and how they strive for personal fulfillment.  In a business world that is heavily dominated by men, it’s refreshing to see Women in power connecting and talking about their stories so that girls and boys all over can use these journeys to fuel their dreams.

Outside of the G&E Show and Women in Power, you can go to Elena’s website,, to check out some of her other work. While a lot of the stuff you find there is from a few years ago, it doesn’t mean that it can’t be useful today.  Elena is an incredible role model and advocate for women everywhere.  On her site you can find things like “Labor of Love,” which is a program Elena has developed to plan home births for women.  Her goal with “Labor of Love” is to make Childbirth an empowering process for woman again.  Here, you can also find her “Diary of a Modern Women,” which is a vlog that Elena used to give tips, advice, and words of wisdom for women everywhere.  Last but certainly not least, “Elena’s No-Brainers,”  Elena self-describes this as  her “2 cents in one minute.”  Here, Elena will give you her quick take on fashion, a relationship quarrel, and many other topics.

On Instagram, Elena is a contsant source of motivation and positive vibes.  Her page is filled with inspirational quotes, videos with positive messages, and captions that could get you through the toughest of situations.  When it comes to entrepreneurs and millionaire mentors on Instagram, many of the pages you’ll find are run by or geared towards men.  Elena however, gives some insight into female-bosses mentality.  Not only is Elena literally at the head of the Cardone empire with Grant, but she also carries that same mentality with her in her day-to-day life.  She lives everyday like a boss and carries out even the most boring or every day tasks, such as going for a run, with a bosses mentality.

All of this and Elena still manages to find the time to take care of her daughters, help Grant run their empire, and continue her passions of shooting and fixing vintage cars?  Is there anything Elena can’t do?  The answer is no, not really.  Elena is an incredible role model for woman everywhere, young and old, and she’s a great example of a modern day Renaissance-woman.  There are plenty examples of husbands or wives with spouses in positions of power that would rather sit back and spend the rest of their days relaxing and being “trophy spouses,”  but not Elena,  she’s still 10X-ing very part of her life, every single day with no signs of slowing down anytime soon.







From Bullied Blogger to Inspiring Influencer

Screen Shot 2016-03-14 at 1.49.50 PM.pngGrowing up in Mansfield, Connecticut, Alexa Curtis‘ life was average to say the least.  She didn’t come from money, there were no August retreats to summer homes by the beach or fancy cars in her parent’s driveway. As she explains on her blog, A Life in the Fashion Lane, Alexa lived a normal life, in which she attended a public school, didn’t always fit in and like many teens was bullied which led to insecurities and confidence issues.  It was then, at just 12 years old, that she decided to follow her passion and start a blog (that is still up and running to this day!).  This was before blogging was even considered a thing, let alone a career, so Alexa wasn’t doing it to make money and didn’t originally envision it as a “road to success.”  At the time, she didn’t even care if anyone read her blog.  She was doing it for herself, because she wasn’t going to let her insecurities or self-confidence issues, or the kids a school bullying her deter her from following her dream.

So that’s exactly what Alexa did.  She began blogging from her tiny bedroom, in her parent’s modest house, in Mansfield, Connecticut.  She would write about what she was wearing lately, where she bought it, the latest trends, her celebrity inspirations and anything else in the fashion world that inspired her.  She’d take pictures outside her house in what she considered to be a fashion forward outfit and would broadcast it to whoever would look.

Alexa had a half-sister who decided to move to New York and become a model. Whenever her sister would come home to visit, she’d come with issues of Cosmopolitan or Seventeen and show their mother her pictures in the magazines and Alexa would watch as her mother beamed with joy at the sight of HER daughter, in a magazine.  Alexa had found her new calling.  At the time, blogging seemed like a hobby, but modeling?  Modeling was the road to success.  Due to her love of fashion, Alexa had long drooled over models, their red bottom heels, and $2000 dresses, so making the switch from modeling to blogging was a no-brainer, or so she thought.

Although she never truly made it as a model, those two years in the modeling industry changed her life forever.  In August of 2015, Alexa wrote about her experience as a model and her story went viral.  She spoke at length about the constant pressure that is put on young girls to lose weight, count calories, and burn more calories during workouts than they eat for the day.  Alexa was only 14.  Can you imagine being told to count your calories at the age of 14?  Do you realize the types of bad habits that can be developed at young ages when talent agents tell their clients to “Not be anorexic, but look anorexic”?  But these are the realities of the modeling world that young girls are never warned about, and this is where Alexa found her true calling.

IMG_5750Now, only 7 years later, at 19 years old, Alexa is considered a “Teen Influencer & Bullying Expert” as well as an advocate for young girls everywhere and she’s even started her own non-profit, M.I.N.T or Media Impact and Navigation for Teens.  The goal behind M.I.N.T. is to open up discussions online and in schools about social media and it’s impact on the bodies and mental health of teens everywhere.  While some may see this as a way to get teens off social media, Alexa doesn’t see it like that at all.  Instead, she believes people like the Kardashian’s are being viewed as positive influences, when in reality, they got their bodies by using unrealistic methods and therefore shouldn’t be wrongfully glorified.  M.I.N.T. has a blog online and a panel of like-minded professionals that will travel to schools to talk to teens about things like; body image, sexting, cutting, LGBTQ, and much more.

Even though running a non-profit can be extremely time-consuming, Alexa still finds the time to blog frequently, whether it be about her preparation to go on live television or to talk about why you should never let the amount of likes on a picture determine your self-worth.  Alexa’s blog is a true testament to her success, hard work, and dedication.  When she first started, she expected nothing out of it and didn’t even care if people read or saw it.  At one point in her life she even abandoned it because she thought modeling would be here real path to success.  Now, 6 years later, Alexa has found true success and her blog is directly contributing to it.  Let this be a lesson to anyone out there that is afraid to follow their passion.

At the ripe age of 14, when Alexa decided she wanted to be a model, nobody was there to tell her about the harsh realities that are going on behind the scenes.  She soon found out that it wasn’t all vacations for photo shoots and free expensive clothing.  She’s also become aware of the fact that, not everything you see on social media is real, including the way model’s bodies look.  So now, she strives to be the person she wishes was there for her when she was 14.   Prior to her story about modeling and the launch of M.I.N.T. there were no public forums to discuss things like social media without being ashamed, thanks to Alexa, now there are.





Eat, Lift, Grow with Hansika Silva

IMG_3967Hansika Silva, a certified personal trainer, NPC Bikini Competitor, and future Fitness Nutrition Specialist, is one of iComeUp’s original clients and one of our first success stories.  Before linking up with Cody Kerns, Hansika had around 600 followers and wasn’t sure how to change that.  Fast forward to today, Hansika now has an Instagram following of over 36 thousand and more importantly, she’s used that following to develop an online training program.

Looking to lose weight, tone-up, build muscle or even gain weight?  With Hansika’s help,  anything is possible.   Based on your height, weight, and specific goals, Hansika calculates and customizes a meal and training plan tailored to your body.

Once you’ve received your custom meal and workout plan, it’s time to get to work.  Even though you could be hundreds of miles apart, Hansika is available for you 24/7 through both email and her cell phone.  You’ll also be checking in with her weekly by emailing her pictures to show your progress.  THIS PART IS ESSENTIAL.  Hansika uses the pictures to see just how your body is reacting to the program.  If you aren’t seeing results right away, the meal or workout plans both will be adjusted accordingly until results are seen and if you check out the before and after pictures on her website, you’ll see that Hansika always gets results.

If the one-on-one online coaching seems a bit too in-depth for you or just isn’t what you’re looking for, Hansika has some training packages available for sale as well.   For between $50 and $28 you could get a Booty/Leg program, a full body At-home workout, an upper body program, and a program that specifically targets your core.

Still not completely sold on Hansika and her training programs?  Check out her Youtube Channel to see just how dedicated she is to the fitness lifestyle.  Hansika documents her “Prep Diaries”, which shows her strict diet and training regiments leading up to her NPC Bikini Competitions or other body building shows.  She also uses her Channel to show some of her workouts and answer questions regarding her training.

So what are you waiting for??  Contact Hansika at to get a personalized fitness program that is guaranteed to deliver the results you’ve always been dreaming of!

Attention All iComeUp Affiliated Brands!

Thanks to our VP of Sales, Kyle Paton, iComeUp is fortunate enough to work with Celebrity Stylist, Ali Levine.  Ali is a fashion blogger, TV fashion expert and of course, a celebrity stylist.  THIS FRIDAY, May 5th, 2017, she is arranging outfits for the music video for “What You Like” by 24hrs, featuring Wiz Khalifa and Ty Dolla $ign.   Ali is looking for any and all iComeUp affiliated brands that would like to have their clothing, brands, accessories, etc. featured in the music video.  This song is poised to be one of the hits of the summer, don’t miss out!

The video theme is a 70’s pool party, reminiscent of the vibes and scenes of the classic movie, “Boogie Nights.”  Specifically, she is looking for, any type of 70’s or vintage clothing, a swim suit brand, sunglasses, any other pool party-related accessories, and a product to be shown .

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity and I cannot stress that enough.  Not only will you be working with Ali Levine who is connected on so many different levels, but think of the publicity your brand will get by being featured in such a major production.  Ali has assured us that the producer is willing to give as much credit as possible, depending on the sponsorship level.  This can lead to your brand being credited on the video itself or even social media posts by the artists themselves, featuring your brand.

ACT FAST, as the video will be shot all day, this Friday.   If you’re interested, please don’t hesitate to contact Ali Levine at  her cell phone, 310-922-2399 or at 

Ali Levine Styling